Contestant Information


  • Tough Enough to Wear Pink is Sunday, September 1st.
  • Bonus money is awarded (50/50) to the cowboy and stock contractor who breaks the current Ellensburg Rodeo arena record.  The bonus money is up to:
    • Bareback $6,000, score of 90 points or higher
    • Saddle Bronc $9,000, score of 91 points or higher
    • Bull Riding $12,000, score of 96 points or higher

Complimentary Food and Hay:

The Ellensburg Rodeo also invites all contestants to visit the “Cowboy Bistro” each day before the rodeo.  Ted and Linda Wiese will be serving food for donation.  There will be a closed circuit TV in the “Cowboy Bistro.”  Anderson Hay and Grain will be giving each PRCA competitor a couple bales of hay.  You will receive a voucher for the hay when you check in with the secretary.

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