Ellensburg Rodeo Board of Directors

Carl Jensvold
Sponsors & Awards
Dan Morgan
Vice President
Grounds and Facilities / Contestant Relations
Kelly Schademan
Sound & Scoreboard / Flag Carriers
Scott Pernaa
Brian Twardoski
Arena Director
Andy Andrews
Behind The Chutes / Section 9 / Trading Post Saloon
Darren Allen
Vendors & Concessions / Merchandise
Rick Cole
Bob Crowe
Parade / Yakima Nation
Jerry Doolin
Best of the Best Roping / Diamond Director Liaison / Posse Liaison
Bill Lowe
Xtreme Bulls / Grand Entry / Livestock Housing
Clay Myers
Security / Seating & Ushers
Buddy Stanavich
Julie Virden
Royal Court / Public & Community Relations / Hall of Fame Liaison
Paul Woodside
Gold Buckle
Megan Meeks
Megan Meeks
General Manager

Ellensburg Rodeo Board of Directors Specifications

Ellensburg Rodeo Board of Directors Application