Specialty Act

Chariot Outlaws



Chariot Outlaws is a pony chariot racing performance team put together by Todd Andrew.  Todd has been working with ponies all his life, whether it be driving teams hitched to a wagon or riding them around the farm with his brothers as a kid.  Since the age of 10 he has competed in horse shows driving ponies and draft horses.

Fourteen years ago Todd became the youngest member of a group of five eight-up hitch wagons called the Crazy Eights.  The group performed wild free drives at fairs and horse shows in Washington and Oregon.  Part of these performances included chariot racing with two abreast and four abreast chariots.  The group disbanded after some of the senior drivers retired.  Todd loved the speed and excitement of the chariots so he formed a new specialty act called Chariot Outlaws with his wife Katie and his brother Trevor.  Recommended to Ellensburg Rodeo by JJ Harrison and called a “class act” by Bob Tallman at the Cloverdale Rodeo, Todd is bringing his chariot racing to the rodeo audience.

There is a lot of selective breeding to fine tune a pony into a chariot racer.  They are not what you imagine as a Shetland Pony.  Sleeker and longer bodied like a miniature thoroughbred, these ponies are built for speed and agility and boy do they love to run.  Their chariots are custom built by Todd for a flashy look and their teams are matched to provide a close exciting finish every time.

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