Ellensburg Rodeo Posse

The Ellensburg Rodeo Posse is an active promoter of the Ellensburg Rodeo. The ‘Posse’ and its roughly 50 members travel the State of Washington to promote the Ellensburg Rodeo and the City of Ellensburg. The Posse has had a long history, beginning in 1939. Throughout the years the Posse has been active in youth horse shows, community events and the Ellensburg Rodeo. The Posse also acts as the escorts to the Rodeo Royal Court. The Posse is a very distinctive group. Currently the Posse rides Sorrel colored horses, all of which are outfitted with a brilliant yellow colored bridle and breast strap. The riders all wear bright yellow shirts and silver belly colored hats. Outfits like these can be seen for some distance, even at night.

The Ellensburg Rodeo is one of the finest rodeos in existence. The Ellensburg Rodeo Posse actively participates in that event, riding during each of the grand entries. The Ellensburg Rodeo Posse invites all to come and visit with us at the Ellensburg Rodeo or any one of the parades in which we participate.

Ellensburg Rodeo Posse Junior Rodeo

The Junior Rodeo will be held in August of each year. Contestants must be Kittitas County Residents. Registration begins late July and the deadline for registration is early August. No late registrations will be accepted. Space is limited and only Kittitas County residents are eligible.  There will be concessions behind the grand stands. Spectators are welcome.  For more details please visit www.ellensburgrodeoposse.com.

Ellensburg Rodeo Posse Scholarship

The Ellensburg Rodeo Posse has established a scholarship(s) for post secondary education and/or vocational training for selected high school graduates(s) from Kittitas County. Each scholarship amount and the selection of candidates will be made by the Scholarship Committee of the Posse and approved by the Board of Officers.
Criteria for selection:

Each student:

a. Must be a graduating senior enrolled full-time in a Kittitas County High School.
b. Must exhibit excellent character and high morals. The candidate must show involvements in community service that are outside of the high school environment.
c. Must have no record of arrest.
d. Must complete an application, a letter of application, and have two recommendations from an educator that is familiar with the student’s school and community activities.

Kittitas County High Schools have been provided applications and criteria for this scholarship process.

For a detailed Posse Calendar of Events please visit www.ellensburgrodeoposse.com.

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