Rockin’ the Chutes

We’re Rockin’ The Chutes on Thursday, September 1st

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New Location: World Famous Behind The Chutes

Same Day: Thursday kicking off Labor Day Weekend

NEW: There are a limited number of tickets available for those 20 years old and under. If you are 20 years old and under please purchase a “MINOR” ticket.



Where is the concert going to be this year?
The concert will no longer be in the Arena, instead it will be held in the Behind the Chutes beer garden.

Who will be performing?

Chancey Williams is performing with special guest Clare Dunn.

Does my ticket also get me into the fair before the concert?

Yes, it does.

If I am under 21, can I go behind the chutes?

Yes, but the concert has limited minor spots for those 20 years old and under. There is a separate ticket for 20 years and under. Individuals who are 21 and over should purchase an adult ticket and may go in the minor section to accompany their minor if desired. ID’s will be checked to ensure the safety of all minors.  Individuals that don’t have any minors with them will need a 21 and over ticket regardless of whether they are drinking or not.

Can I purchase and consume beer behind the chutes?

Yes, you must have proper id, which will be checked at the door.

Will there be an ADA area for the concert?

Yes, please let us know when you purchase your tickets if you will need ADA accommodations and we can plan accordingly.

Will there be an area to purchase soft drinks and water?

Yes, there will be multiple areas to get non-alcoholic drinks. Vendors will also be open to provide other drink options as well as food.

Will there be seats in the Chutes?

No. Standing room only.

Will there be an area to take photos of my group going into the Chutes?

Yes! There will be a “Red Carpet “area located outside the Behind the Chutes beer garden where you will have the opportunity to take photos with all your friends and family that come with you.

If I have other questions, where can I get further answers?

You can call the Ellensburg Rodeo at 1-800-637-2444. There will also be a full volunteer team to assist you when you arrive at the concert.